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December 3rd, 2012

P:S – These are the bonuses which I will be giving you if you decide to buy Video Commission Formula through my affiliate link. Just follow the instructions which I have outlined in the ensuing paragraphs. 

Hi There!

Since you are on this page, I guess you must be interested in buying the most comprehensive and detailed niche affiliate marketing course ever produced by super niche affiliate marketer, Matt Carter. The product that I am talking about is of course Video Commission Formula by Matt Carter.

Alright, I guess by now it should be quite established on the Net and you must be wondering what are the FREE Bonuses that you can get by buying through my Link correct?

Well, you are in luck…

“If You Can Still See This Page, Then There Are Still Places Available For You To Buy Video Commission Formula Through My Link And Receive My Highly Sought-After Bonus Package

Before we go on… a quick word on bonuses:

You’ve probably come across a lot of bonus packages out there on World Wide Web before, and you are aware that some of them are just plain rubbish.

Instead of providing real, quality information that can be utilised to increase your business income, they just bundle a whole load of crap that can be downloaded for free on the internet. Then a hefty price tag of $1000 is being attached to the garbage to try and entice you to buy it through their link.

So if you are interested in big figures and empty promises from marketers who have NO IDEA whether the information are useful anot, you may leave my site right now.

Still sticking around? I’m not suprised, you are clever and looking for REAL value. You want as much value as possible for your money right? 

And It is my pleasure to present to you:

The Ultimate and Hottest Video Commission Formula Bonus Package On World Wide Web… Formed By Edmund Yeo

And It Can Be Yours Absolutely FREE…

So what am I offering? Simply put: BONUSES that you can use. All my Bonuses complement Video Commission Formula to make it better.

Don’t get me wrong, Video Commission Formula, on its own, is a complete niche affiliate marketing course and you don’t NEED anything else… However, it would be great to learn how to improve your copywriting skills to increase sales conversions to make more money… So here’s Bonus No.1:

#Bonus 1: Copywriting Cash

One of the keys to increasing your sales figure depends on your copywriting skills. Therefore, in this 1 hour and 10 minutes video, you will learn from Matt Carter how to develop killer sales copies and increase your sales dramatically. Increased Sales = Increased Commissions :)

#Bonus 2: Email Marketing Pro

A 3-part video training series I got from Matt Carter on how to build a targeted customer list in the niche market that you are in. Discover how to create pages that capture email and learn how to write emails in a specific sequence so that you can have a successful email marketing campaign. By having a customer list, you will be able to promote products to your list on a consistent basis to generate more income on top of the free traffic you are receiving on your site. This will certainly boost the income potential of your website.

#Bonus 3: Review Writing Webinar

As we will be writing a lot of reviews for our websites, it is good to know what are the things we need to look out for in order to write an awesome review copy. In this 1 hour and 8 minutes webinar, Matt Carter will show you the exact steps he takes to write a good review copy to maximise conversions. 

Ok. Sounds great Edmund, I’m ready to order Video Commission Formula and want YOUR bonus package, providing I’m not too late… What Now?

It’s simple, in order to receive my bonus package all you have to do is this (takes 10 seconds).

Step #1: Go to your internet browsers settings and select ‘Delete Cookies’ – Don’t worry it won’t delete your saved passwords or website history – It just removes other guys tracking codes.

Step #2: Buy Video Commission Formula using my link below and make sure that at the bottom of the order page it says [Affiliate = rpform] (rpform is my affiliate id).

Order Video Commission Formula Here to Receive The Bonus Package

Step #3: Send your order receipt to Edmund@mattcarterrapidprofitformula.com and I’ll email you your bonus package shortly.

So go ahead, order Video Commission Formula through that link and I’ll see you on the other side,


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